City Ride

Do you want to do a different ride?

Here you have a new option "City Ride - History on Wheels" is a very fun ride through the historic center aboard Ninebots.

Places to visit:
* Paseo Victoria * Palacio de Gobierno * Plaza Mayor * Plaza de las Frisos * Casa Chihuahua * Calle Libertad * Plaza de Armas * Catedral * Presidencia Municipal * Plaza Abraham González * Paseo Bolívar * Quinta Gameros * Quinta Touche.



  • 1 Hora.

Calle Victoria #419 almost corner Ocampo

Note.- The places to visit are only given a description of them from the outside without entering museums.

Departure: Calle Victoria # 419 almost corner. Ocampo. Check departure times with our promoters or by calling (614) 425 00 06 and 413 61 00


$200.00 MXN per person

  • Service subject to availability.