Escuadrón de los cuentos

The technology witch wants to end the tales. To avoid this, a minstrel summons a squad of children and adults, who have plenty of imagination. They must overcome various challenges, such as entering the enchanted forest and crossing the valley of the gnomes, to finally reach the witch's hideout and defeat her. Live this great adventure designed for children.


1:20 hrs

Places to visit:

  • Parque Lerdo
  • Parque Eloy Vallina
  • Parque El Palomar


  • Juglar / Cuenta cuentos
  • Blanca Nieves
  • Principe
  • Mago Merlin
  • Bruja de la Tecnología

Note: Available only seasonally.


$150.00 MXN per person

  • Service subject to availability.

$120.00 MXN per person

  • Service subject to unit availability.