Get to know one of the most spectacular archaeological zones in northern Mexico, enter a canyon in the middle of an exuberant natural beauty where these ruins that served as a camp for the Paquimé culture are located, enjoy the city of Madera and its Peñitas dam, savor its gastronomy and in Ciudad Guerrero delight yourself with its apple activity, all this in one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico.

It includes: Van transfers and tourist guide.
Duration: All day.


Performance days:
From Tuesday to Sunday

It includes:
Transfers, tourist guide and road insurance

Places to visit:

  • Ciudad Guerrero (historia y actividad forestal)
  • Ciudad Madera (historia actividad forestal)
  • Zona arqueológica “40 casas”
  • A minimum of 2 people is required to make the trip or otherwise cover the cost of the 2 people.
  • *Does not include food or drinks, tickets.
  • From Tuesday to Sunday
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes, a cap or a sun hat
  • It is recommended to leave no later than 9:00 hrs.
  • Subject to availability


$2,360.00 MXN pesos per person

  • Service subject to availability.

$1,970.00 MXN pesos per person

  • Service subject to unit availability.